phonto-2Fuck Tony Hernandez and who ever the fuck he thinks he is.
–Walkin’ and talkin’, acting like he’s the shiz.
Putting people down just to bring himself up,
–like we don’t notice he’s petty, like we some dumb fucks.
Judging and judging, bringing people down,
–thinking he’s better when he’s the one instead that sounds,
like he needs to be called out,
–for always talking his shit.
He needs to calm down,
–needs to tighten that lip.
Fuckin’ cripple hemophiliac,
–that thinks that no one will hit ‘im.
Keep chirpping muthafuka,
–someone one day’s gonna get ‘im.
Maybe then that’ll calm him,
–put Mister Better Than Everyone in his fuckin’ place.
I know more than a few in line that want to be the one,
–to clock him in his face.
Fuck Tony Hernandez,
–for even writing this poem.
Tryin’ sound like he’s humble,
–like someone who’s grown.
But you and I both know that that’s just him and his shit,
–another one of his ploys to act like he it.
He tries to act smart by going to see some stupid ballet.
–Tryin’ act like he rich, probably covering up that he’s gay.
Motherfucker has travelled the world,
–“Look at me! I’m in France!”
But probably has no savings,
–to even buy a pair of pants.
That dumb muthafucka,
–he ain’t foolin’ no one.
He’s fake, full of shit,
–so smart that he’s dumb.
So he’s written some books,
They ain’s sellin’ for shit,
–so what’s that tell you?
That Mister High and Mighty,
–Mister Smarter Than You,
is nothing but another failure,
–just like me and you.
And I bet you that eats him,
–and makes him feel like shit.
And that’s good and its good,
–‘cause that’s what he gets.
Always talking like he’s holy,
–like he’s some kinda saint.
It’s bullshit Catholics like him,
–that make me glad that I ain’t.
Says that gays shouldn’t marry,
–that it’s an unholy sin.
Yet he has premarital sex.
–What world of self denial does dude actually live in?
The only good thing I know,
–about that judgmental prick,
is that his judgmental ways,
–goes both ways and it sticks.
He has unrealistic expectations of everyone but that also includes him.
–Which is good news ‘cause that means he’s always grumpy and grim.
He’s always anxious and scared.
–Beats himself up.
Reminds himself of his failures,
–the dumb little fuck.
So fuck Tony Hernandez,
–who thinks that he’s white.
Forgot where he came from,
–always more wrong than he’s right.
I’m just glad that his mind is fuckin’ him up like we all we wish we could.
–Fuck Tony Hernandez and send that cripple Mexican back to the hood.

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