I hated coffee but I drank it,
‘cause I needed the energy.
It was gone, disappeared,
nowhere where I could see.

I missed the real spoons,
the heavy coffee cups.
The clang of metal on porcelain,
now just a memory in my thoughts.

I looked outside the window,
technically a warm sunny day.
But the cold look of an angry mother,
gave me a chill. I had to look away.

Was it July? Was it August?
Can’t say that I remembered,
but the way that mother’s eyes scolded her children,
made the day feel like December.

The popcorn popped, sprouting the smell of butter in the air.
I tried not to smile but I failed, because I was no longer there.

For just that moment my nose took me to another place, another time,
when I was just a child unaware of the world and its tolerated crime.

When shoes stuck to the theater ground, making that sticky sound.
When you could’ve sworn that a girl’s laugh was the reason the world went round.

Sure, boys still had their motives and devices and ulterior plans,
but the best case outcome was an unseen stealing of two children holding hands.

The biggest problem, the biggest worry,
was what movie we were to see.
Already mad at my sister, back at home, for stealing the tv.

A baby starting cryin’, on the tv was a politician lyin’,
and just like that my ears brought me back to the reality that I was tryin’,
to forget, filled with regret after regret.
Those that said they didn’t, lied;
Don’t trust them for sec.

The coffee had become ice cold.
Acid in my throat.
I willed the popcorn to save me again,
but it didn’t hear my hope.

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