Okay, that’s a lie. I stayed in and finished my beta edit.

A beta edit is when you let one or more beta readers read your book before it goes off to the editor. My friend Jeremy Bogart took the time out of his life and read my book. He marked it all up and gave me some really amazing notes and help. I probably only skipped two of his suggestions and that’s saying a lot because he wrote a ton.

Before I get into what the next steps for the novel is, I want to reflect on what I just did this evening.

Right now, it’s Halloween 2015, meaning it landed on a Saturday. I was invited to no less than two parties and said no to them. Even without that, my social options were huge in Phoenix tonight and I passed it all up. Why? To finish this last pass, that’s why.

When I received the manuscript back from Jeremy, I would do the same ole stop start with writing that I always did. Only this month, I really got into it and edited over 70,000 words. Again, like I’ve said before, really hard and easy at the same time since most of it is just reading. It’s getting my butt into the chair that’s the hard part.

Anyway, when I finished my draft a few months ago, the very next day I wrote 500 new words on my new book. That was huge. The principal of “I’m not done yet” was something I had to prove to myself and that’s what this night was about too.

I spent the early evening watching the World Series with my family as the niece and nephews handed out candy. But there was only one problem. I had made a promise to myself to write and edit at least three chapters a day this week (about 6,000 words or an hour).

The fact that I did that on a holiday is giving me a perverse satisfaction. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s just so I can work on those days. You read right. I am enjoying working on those days. I mean, if you’re working on the thing you love, then it really isn’t work, is it? There is some satisfaction of working every, single, day. Can’t lie. And the fact that I stayed in on a holiday to finish my work has made me a very happy boy.

There’s a saying, “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t”. Well, we are about to find out if nearly three years of putting my dreams first are really about to pan out. Wish me luck.

Okay, on to the (more) boring stuff.

I really did edit over 70,000 words but I did not save my Excel file so like magic, it disappeared. I was not a happy boy. But I am attaching the leftover.

One thing that I have noticed, my writing time. I seem to prefer to write at night, after 10pm. I work like anyone else and this is how I have carved out time to create. Even on the weekends my mind likes to work at night, it’s just how it is.

The next parts are:

-sending it to get professionally edited

-getting a personal or business loan from the bank (editing is expensive)

-getting my book cover(s) done

After all that, once I get my manuscript back I’m guessing it’ll be another month before I do the edits. Hoping to have it by Christmas but no promises.

Oh, and my book will be free but it won’t. Huh? Long story short, I have to sell my book to count sales but there is a way for me to give the book away and still have it count as sales. I get like five giveaway days on Amazon. So the plan is, have my book on sale for a week at $0.99. The following week, I’ll then pick one day for my book to be free. That’s when my e-mail list folks will get there free copy. Woo hoo!

Here’s a picture of my workstation.

Goodnight. Boo.


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