After a long hiatus, I’m back to my writing accountability posts.

As can be imagined why, I was off of my regular writing routine because I had to switch gears, hats, or whatever other tired saying you can think of and went from would-be novelist to someone who actually did write a novel.

There are two parts to writing a novel, and that’s writing the darn thing and then getting it out. You can write a hundred books but they do no one, nor you, any good if they’re just tucked away in some folder, either virtual or literal. And the term for getting the darn thing out there is called marketing.

So, in the past few months, I have been formatting, getting covers designed, submitting, and then resubmitting with fixed errors that then needed more resubmitting, and then blah, be-blah, blah, blah. A whole bunch of stuff you don’t care about. And trust me, as the dude who did all of it, I really didn’t care for it too much either. Okay, maybe I’m lying, but I digress…

So anyway, long story short, I’m back! Back to my home base which is making stuff up on a computer and for some unknown reason everyone thinking I’m genius for doing so. Yeah!

So, so far in my latest work, I have written a total of 21,734 words. Slaughter was about 72,000 I think so that should give you a good guess as to where I’m at, although, I do plan for it to be shorter than Slaughter but who knows, these books have a life of their own. I thought Slaughter was gonna be a lot shorter than the word count it ended up so, who knows.

So, again, here is my little copy and paste of my words so far. I started a little late with the tracking so that’s why it’s not a full month. Next month’s post shouldn’t be as wordy. At least, I hope not.

If you’re wondering what some of the titles mean…

Don't worry about it

Project Type Start Time Sprint Duration (In minutes) Starting Count Ending Count Daily Count WPH
TDB Writing 23:04 50 15,891 17,151 1,260 1,512
J 23:01 35 0 732 732 1,255
TDB Writing 15:05 33 17,135 18,121 986 1,793
TDB Writing 20:30 42 0 1213 1,213 1,733
TDB Writing 12:08 15 0 421 421 1,684
TDB Writing 19:15 44 0 1265 1,265 1,725
TDB Writing 6:04 15 0 302 302 1,208
J 10:51 8 0 237 237 1,778
TDB Writing 12:28 18 351 775 424 1,413



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