this-is-fine-jpgHaving published three books and publicly telling the world that I want to be an author has led to some inevitable questions and demands.
Most of which are hellos in the form of, “Hey, Tony. How’s the writing going?”
This always puts me in a spot and that’s okay. Don’t feel bad that you ask me that. It’s just that, trust me, you don’t want to know. But this post is here to tell you if you really want to know. You get in imaginary cookie if you make it to the end.
A writer’s life is not a steady one. I do not sit and write fiction every day. Right now, for the past two or so months, it has been mostly fixing the edits from my wonderful editor. No new stuff. But the other thing I’ve been doing is something I haven’t really talked about. And that’s doing nothing.
You see, I am writing an epic space opera. The plan so far is three books but it might be more (definitely not two). Each book is gonna be a massive 100,000 plus word beast. To put into perspective, an average novel, like the first Harry Potter, is about 70,000 words. My first book in the trilogy came in at nearly 130,000 words, or almost two books! My second book? That bad boy is at 70,000 words and I haven’t even hit the third mark yet! It’s gonna be a monster. Maybe the size of three books in one or even four. Crazy.
So everything is cool, humming along as I’m writing this stuff, having a blast when I finally get the edit of my first book in the trilogy.
It of course takes a few weeks to work on and when I’m done, with it, one of the things she tells me is, the two protagonist that come crashing together are a little too similar. That’s actually not a bad thing in this book. It’s a good exercise in what would happen if two good people with the same values and principles have to face each other, each one thinking that they are justified in their actions against the other. The only problem? In my second novel, I introduce a third hero and guess what? He’s sounding just like the other two cats.
Ugh. Kick right in the stomach.
So I put a halt on my entertainment company and all its production (just kidding, that’s all hyperbole of me making stuff up). I had to retake one of my WMG writing courses, specifically the one on character voice.
So I stopped writing and knew I had to focus on this part of my craft. But what happened? I stopped writing as the plan was but I also didn’t watch the WMG writing workshop. I would watch a video or two and then skip a few days. Before I knew, two to three weeks had gone by and I had done nada. Not cool.
Finally, I gave myself a deadline to finish the class by the end of a week and did it by the midweek. That was awesome.
So I went to my second novel and went right in into it, right?
You see, I need to write more short stories slash books to give away. Write books to give away? Yup, that’s how it works these days. I got my stories back from my editor (two of ‘em) and I am now nearing the end of fixing both of them.
I am getting a book cover for my latest novel, The past Happens Tomorrow, and I am working on setting up other websites.
And then, on a personal note, I have been bad with money all my life, living paycheck to paycheck.
Not no more.
I have been using YNAB (You Need A Budget) and my financial health has blossomed. So with that, I have been gearing up to hard launch my book once I get the cover and will be using a good bit of funds to promote the book. For a small, independent author like myself, that can cost anywhere from $500 to a $1,000.
Yeah, I know.
I have so many spinning plates right now, it’s ridiculous. And remember, I only have a half hour to an hour day to do this stuff because work and life exists. But being an author and entrepreneur can actually be fun. Even though things are going in a million directions, things are actually coming together as well. And soon, I shall be actually writing-writing again. Yay!
So how’s the writing going?
Ah… pfft… yeah. It’s going. It, is, going.

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