As I begin to write this on Thanksgiving Day, 2016, the clock tells me that it’s 9:44 Phoenix time. Like every other American I am looking forward to going around and seeing friends and family today. We’re having a low key Turkey Day at my parents’ house this afternoon after which, I’m probably gonna do what I usually do and invite myself to dinner at someone’s house. But for now, I am writing this essay entitled “Strange Pleasure.” And why is that?

Because, as I write a short essay (blog post) this morning I am creating content for my blog which is a small part in continuing on my dream of becoming an independently wealthy, full time author. A piece of sand on the mountain I’m trying to build, sure, but it is one more step, however small, for me reaching my goal.

And that’s my hope of this writing, to share with you the strange pleasure that is working on your dreams while others sleep.

My weekends might seem drab and boring these days but they are filled with pleasure most weekends. Why?

Because I work on weekends.

I write on weekends.

I am getting closer to my dream, on weekends.

There is a true sense of strange pleasure when I work when others don’t. Take today for example. I am writing this and telling the world, right here, right now, that I am going to write 2,000 new words today on my next novel. [Trust me, that was hard to write. What the hell am I thinking (grinning face emoji).] And no, this little writing does not count. Emails, do not count. Journaling, even about my work in progress, does not count. I need to write at least 2,000 new words on my next novel this holiday day. And you know what? I know it’s gonna be a blast.

I first started getting this strange pleasure when I was home one weekend. Bored out of my skull, I just decided to give writing a go since I had exhausted looking at the Internet. When I finished writing those words, and then I would see the images of people at bars online, it made me feel great, euphoric even. While people were pissing away their free time I was working on my goal. It felt and feels great.

Prolific authors write everyday. There are no days off. Stephen King used to tell people that he would take Christmas off but then admitted later that that was a lie. He didn’t take any days off because why would you take off doing what you love?

Now, I can already hear your excuse machine going, But I don’t have anytime today! Bull cheese. Even if you have a family in tow and going from house to house, you’re still gonna have some down time. The holidays wouldn’t be the holidays unless they were filled with moments of boredom, would they? Of course not. So instead of just sitting there and watching a blowout football why not go and work on your dream? Even if it’s for five minutes. That’s five minutes of you getting closer to your goal and 100% more of you working on yourself than you would have had you decided to instead watch a rerun on Discovery.

I don’t have any goals. Shut up. Yes you do.

Do you want to learn a new language? Do a lesson on that audio or book you have collecting dust.

Do you want to become rich? Do something easy like working on your budget for the next week.

Do you want to learn to play an instrument? Look up some videos online about some exercises on your instrument of choice or, better yet, warm up those fingers and goof off for a bit on your instrument that’s been sitting in the corner, laughing at you.

Do you want to be more happy, positive, and less stressful? Well then download a meditation app and take an emotional shower to wash those stinky feelings off.

Do you want to get in better physical shape? Then go out for a run or at least take a nice long walk. Do some stretches. Just get moving more than you usually would.

Do you have an artistic goal? Ahem, like writing? Then write some words. Want to draw? Then draw? Want to dance? Then dance. Want to sing? Then sing.

And trust you me, when you do do these things on a holiday or a weekend, the feeling you get is amazing.

After all, you wouldn’t let someone stuff your face and force you on a couch to stop you from becoming that rockstar you so want to become, so why then do it to yourself? This Thanksgiving be thankful and grateful that you’re alive and for goodness sake, actually do something about it.

You’ll be surprised at how good you feel. How good I feel right now. Have a Happy Thanksgiving but also, have a strange pleasure.


Post Script

10:15, done. That was easy and yes, very pleasurable.

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