Let me write out to you this articles title again, I’m going to get a lot wrong. As in, a lot. Nevertheless, I’m gonna give this whole Shakespearean thing the ole college try.

This piece is in response to my last piece. I wrote how I disagreed with Marjorie Garber’s hypothesize that Prospero’s soliloquy was broken up to spread out the speech. I failed to appreciate and remember that in Shakespeare’s work, he has plenty of long, uninterrupted soliloquies. In fact, the soliloquy is a hallmark of Shakespeare. So having said that, maybe my entire piece was wrong, from beginning to end.

But that’s okay.

You see, the thing about learning and absorbing something is getting it wrong. A lot of the time. That’s the only way one gets better at anything. Try and try again. Or, more aptly put, fail and fail again.

So while I learn about Shakespeare for the rest of my life, I’m going to get my fair share of things wrong, and that’s okay. I won’t be surprised if I believe strongly in one train of thought and then, a few years later, find myself believing the other side, the one I spent years convincing myself was wrong. In fact, I’m excited about spending weeks worth of time teaching myself to believe one thing in Shakespeare only to later be turned to the other side. That’s growth.

Also, the good thing about doing this is, it makes for an excellent way to absorb a subject. The more I write, whether right or wrong, on the subject of Shakespeare, the more that sticks. More so than just reading it and forgetting it. The makes the information stick. Even if I do make more mistakes than not.

So, when you point out that I’m wrong or was wrong or bring up that one time I wrote this thing or that, I’ll just point to this piece.

As for Prospero’s soliloquy? I still think I’m right. Many scholars want to believe that The Tempest is Shakespeare’s last work. Right now, I think it’s one of his earlier works and if it was, he may have not been to keen on the whole soliloquy thing anyway.

But then again, what do I know. Being a Shakespearean is all about educated guesses and I look forward to changing my mind in a few year’s time.

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