Style. Writing style, that is. There is no one way to write something. You can write the color between white and black as either gray or grey and they’re both right, although i prefer to write it with the “a” since that is more common with how it is written in the United States and America is better than everyone (grin).
Even there, just then, i used the word grin in parenthesis instead of a smiling emoji or the precursor, the text emoticon :-), also spelled : ) (but where’s the damned nose) or (:, but then you’re dealing with someone who is really young.
Anyhoo, if you haven’t noticed, i have been using the noun i, as in referring to oneself, in lowercase, not the usual uppercase.
Why? As an exercise in humility.
Only proper nouns and Donald Trump’s illiteracy allow for things to be capitalized. For example it’s completely okay to use capitals when writing the sentence, “The founder of Apple was Steve Jobs.” All the bold letters are fine since the “t” in “the” starts off the sentence, the “a” in “Apple” is a company, and the “s” and “t” in “Steve Jobs” are proper nouns since they are each a name and surname respectively.
Only one person can in the world can write, “I don’t like Apples since guys like Steve have lost there Jobs to Migrant Mexicans!!!” and that’s Donald Trump who, as of this writing, is the most powerful man on earth.
The “I” is correct in capitalization since it’s both a proper noun and the beginning of a sentence. But from there, dear leader loses the plot. The “a” in “apples” is needlessly capitalized. Big Hands Don does a little reprise with the “s” in “Steve” but then again loses points on the spelling of “there” and the poor emphasis on “jobs” and “migrants”. As soon as face is saved with the correct spelling of Mexicans, again, all hope is lost on the use of multiple punctuation marks like a schoolgirl emphasizing how dreamy one New Kids on the Block is over another member of the same band.

(Writer’s Note: All NKOTB members are equally dreamy)

But if you have the misfortune of not being the leader of the free world then you and i have to play by certain aptitude levels that involve writing words without crayons.
So it is with this word, i, that i am going to try to keep at a lowercase. Will this little experiment last? Knowing me, probably not, but i’m gonna give it a go.
The only pronoun that gets consistent capitalization is i. The only other pronoun that gets the capitalization treatment without being at the beginning of a sentence is He, and that’s only when referring to God. And that got me thinking.
Why do we put such a self over importance on ourselves, that’s only equal to God? Sure, we don’t write Me but we also don’t write Him and Her when referring to a married couple, so why the emphasis on oneself? Ego, plain and simple.
So in a small attempt to remind myself of my nothingness i am going to try to spell the pronoun i in lowercase as a small reminder to myself of my triviality. The only acceptation is when it’s in the front of a sentence. Since all pronouns start a sentence capitalized, why make it weird?
So if you see me writing i in capitals know that i was either:
Lazy (do yo thang, autocorrect)
Lacking integrity on this enterprise
We now return you to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

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