My hate hate relationship with social media continues and I’m about fed up with something. I don’t know what it was or who’s post but I’m tired of people not taking responsibility for their poor decisions when it comes to the dating and courtship aspect of life.

A (Real) Inconvenient Truth

Let me begin by stating something that may be a bit on the controversial side since we have become a society that feels ideas and sentiments should overrule science and biology.

When it comes to courtship, men are the initiators and women are the choosers.

Let me say that again, when it comes to courtship, men are the initiators and women are the choosers.

Are you piping hot mad? Then you’re a idealist. Nodding in silent agreement? Then you understand that humans are humans and share more in common with animals that we’d like to admit.

Why This Sucks For Both Men And Women

Let me start off from the guys’ perspective since it’s the only one I have experience with.

Approaching women and initiating is hard for most men, like really hard. It scares the pants off of most men, myself included. Don’t believe me? If you’re a guy reading this right now, can you walk outside and approach the first person of the opposite sex you see on the street and compliment her and start a conversation? Chances are, you can’t. Don’t scoff too loudly my female readers, you can’t do it either, but more on that in a bit.

Do I wish girls would walk over to me, tell me I’m hot, and ask for my number? (While not drunk) Of course, but that’s not how it happens. Women of any value are not going to be chasing men because they don’t have to. So that leaves it up to us men to burden the load of going out there and approaching women and getting shot down.

So this is all sunshine and roses for women then, right? Far from it. They probably have it worse off. A woman is limited to her suitors. That means, that her options are limited to men who not only flirt with her, but then make the major leap of asking the girl if she’d be interested in courtship, opening themselves up to rejection. While this is good for a woman since she gets to choose form those that approach her, she is restricted to only the ones that do approach her.

This isn’t everyone, of course, but it is most humankind. Women do give men signals that they are interested (flirtation) opening up and trying to make the road to courtship that much easier for a man to proceed and a man of higher value who dates more woman than the average guy does have his choice of women more than just the guy who sits on the sideline, waiting for his wife to drop in from the ceiling.

But What Does This Have To Do With People Not Taking Responsibility For Poor Courtships?

Everything my dear Watson.

You see, all I see on Facebook is people lamenting and complaining about their past relationships and how horrible these people were. If they’re not doing that, then they’re complaining about the opposite sex and how crappy they are. But the main self delusion I see is, people not seeing that they’re the loser more times than not and failing to see that the world is just fine.

For unconfident men, they fail to see that it’s their fault and their’s alone as to why they don’t have a decent woman in their life. You need balls to approach women and get shot down. It’s not a women’s fault you don’t have balls, its yours! And let’s say you do try and approach women and put yourself out there (bravo since that’s more than most men and women can say) what are you bringing to the table? If you’re a jealous man who refuses to see all the good around him and others, maybe you do deserve to be alone. You’re obviously not strong enough for an equally strong woman.

And I havne’t forgotten about you, petty women with all your “men suck” and “my ex sucks” comments. No one made you date those losers, you did. No one is stopping you from meeting a great guy, there are tons out there, it’s just you that fails to do anything. And no, getting bigger tits doesn’t count, it just invites more of the same. When you act like a boob by showing your boobs and all the men that flock to you are boobs, don’t blame the men, blame the person who owns said boobs.

There are plenty of good men out there and even better women. If they’re not in your life it’s your fault, not the world conspiring against you.

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